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Our main objective of providing career counselling and guidance services is to identify a candidate’s peculiar and unique personality traits using our proprietary tests and provide an accurate direction and guidance. There are three different tests which we conduct, depending on how much depth and accuracy one requires.

We believe that building a successful career is a continuous process and requires intermittent guidance and course correction which we call as fine-tuning. We at Novexa not only keep a record of your inclinations but also like to keep a track of your progress, so whenever you need a little guidance, help or even a sounding-board, we are here.

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Our founder is a Chartered Accountant, Doctorate in Economics and a Professor at the Topmost Management institutes in the Country. He is also a Business Consultant & Trainer, having a total of 24+ years of Business and Management Education Experience. He has vetted hundreds of business plans prepared by students and has also guided and helped them to take the product/service to the market.

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Agency increased revenue
around 50k with kbiz.

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